Iron Bamboo-Solid Bamboo poles Tam Vong Tre Gai

Vietnamese Tavon also known as Iron Bamboo - Tavon and Treai the best bamboo's in the word for building.

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Bamboo furniture is made of Iron Bamboo

Bamboo poles, Bamboo pole, half round poles and bamboo slats, bamboo cane :  "BambooCreasian Poles are harvested from over 4years to be achieved MAX. - Wall - Thickness, SOLID and strongest structure.’’
Bamboo Poles are harvested from over 4years to be achieved MAX. - Wall - Thickness, Solid and strongest structure.( Each species of Bamboo has different wall thickness. BAMBUSA OR “TRE GAI”(IN VIETNAMESE Name)  is entirely SOLID at Bamboo Creasian Store Online- YOU CAN FIND EASILY MAXIMUM THICK-WALLED BAMBOO POLES) USING BAMBOO AT 4 or 6-YEAR-0LD IS IDEAL POINT. The greatest strength of bamboo construction need to be treated by traditional and advance processing against rot, cracking and insects"
=> Diameter:  1" dia to 6"dia/
=> Length:  1ft.L to 12ft .L/
=> Color:  Natural yellow/ Sanded light yellow .
=> Quality: New/ Solid: Hardest, strongest structure,- Heavy duty & Heavy weight / treated against  insects and mould, fungus; reduce crack.
=> Price: Retail and Wholesale Please call 714- 846- 2159. Or
=> Using: Outdoor and indoor purposes : fences, frames, arbors, trellises, home decor, tiki bars, patios.

Eco-green  natural Bamboo poles -let's create tropics appearance in your spaces."Solid bamboo pole" is really thick-walled bamboo : difficult to split this is the point to differ from other species of Bamboo  - use living purpose for construction & furniture, retail store rack holder, construction of Bamboo houses ,Roofing FRAME, Garden, Tiki huts & tiki bars’ frame, Fence Post,  etc...Solid bamboo poles are grown a lot in Southeastern Asian area . Solid Bamboo Poles is better quality than  Guadua .  -  4 to 6-year-old bamboo tree is best to harvest for construction purposes.
For Construction:  Solid Bamboo Poles are the best quality and the strongest bamboo in the world but Have to treat with skilled quality control staff and  treatment processing  to be against rot, cracking, insect  to last - longer use.

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