Bamboocreasian Charity Donation

Bamboocreasian Charity Donation

Bamboocreasian donates 5% of products sales to buy clothes, food , book and others for school ...
for :

1. Poor children, kids
2. Poor people and homeless
3. Cancer patients

No cars, no school bus- these poor children still go to school by this hand-constructed boat- very dangerous :((

Whenever you buy Bamboocreasian eco-friendly and quality bamboo products you are able to make sure your money is helping to assist the greatest purpose for poor kids, cancer patients, homeless in order to make life better.
No Chair-no table : These children have lunch on the ground at their shool. Please see their food in next pics :((
This is their lunch :((
Lunch : rice and little fish :(( 

Grown up in poor village - I understand what it is poor life  -  Let's help our community : specially help children by giving job for their parents - Beside do donation I try my best to create job for poor people by each bamboo product is made.

Other friends have warm clothes in winter - but this boy he still goes to school with summer clothes without shoes :((
A mother w/ 5 children 're eating rice only: