Bamboo Wall Construction Panels Bamboo Buildings Material Architecture -The walls' constructed by quality bamboo products

Bamboo Wall Construction Panels Bamboo Buildings Material  Architecture -The walls ' constructed by quality bamboo products.
Bamboo woven Panel, Bamboo Paneling, Bamboo Panels, Bamboo Wall Covering, Bamboo wall Panels; Bamboo Wall linings & Interior wall paneling - really quality- Impressive 4 Walls & Ceilings Coverings tropics appearance: Tiki Bars & Tiki Hut walls, Interior – Exterior designed decorations refer to tropics
=> Dimension:  4 ft H x 8ft.W/ with small slat weave – wide slat weave / MEET all requests designed ideas
=> Thickness:    5mm thick ( 1-5layer/roll or panel)
=> Color:  Natural yellow/ Natural-carbonized/Antique Brown/ Whitewash-champagne-kiwi-disty pink-brown/ Mettallic-Bronze-Silver-Gold-Black/ Skin natural bamboo: MEET all requests designed ideas
=> Style of weave:  All tropical styles are available- with small slat weave – wide slat weave / MEET all requests designed ideas. Please contact 714-846-2150 or for more info
=> Quality: our BAMBOO WOVEN PANELS - be woven by thin bamboo strip and SKIN BAMBOO STRIP  into 4ftx8ft form and compressed multiple layers of woven bamboo sheet with E1 glue to form panel. Carefully treatment processing against insects, mould. Made of 100% bamboo strips material-high quality, don’t get moisture, don’t get mould, not scratches. Quick installation on walls, ceilings, tiki bars and Huts walls W/ glue or staples or nails or screws)

=>Using: Wall & Ceiling Cover-Lining-Liner/Wallpaper/ Tiki Bar and Tiki Hut walls/ Table Counter top. Bars, Restaurants, Nails and Spas, Cafe, Salons, Rooms, Houses
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The walls are constructed between bamboo panels and solid bamboo poles.

Wall Coverings Bamboo-1 Wall liner Bamboo- 2 Wall lining Bamboo-Buy Bamboo Wall covers/Wall liner/Wall Lining Best quality Deal from Bamboo-Thehiddentimelesscharm on Vimeo.
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