Decor-'Accessories bamboo's collection:'All Basket's Bamboo|Box-Fence'sBamboo:Fencing/Fence-Poles'sBamboo:ative Poles Garden-Woven Palm'sThatch Panels umbrella Tiki Huts Bars Palapa :Cover roofing

=> Colorful Decor-Accessories bamboo's collection : All Basket's Bamboo/ Rattn |Box-Fence'sBamboo:Fencing/Fence-Poles'sBamboo:Decorative Poles Gardening Plant-Woven Palm's Thatch Panels umbrella Tiki Huts Bar Palapa :Cover roofing Top Walls sides.

Decorative colored Bamboo Accessories -bring source of inspiration creation-4-aesthetical designers,bamboo decor for your living space: living room... small corner at bathroom 

Bamboo Creasian 3X thickness of thatch/thatching/thatched roofs-for Awning,Bars, Huts, Palapas, Umbrellas, thatched panel/rolls/runner - highest quality Thatch:  Bamboo Creasian Thatch-by quality Real natural Palm leaf at tropical Aoutheastern  Asian  (Natural, light yellow, last longer use -7 to 9 year 
=> Diameter/Dimension:  9-ft dia to 20-ft(dia)/ 2.5 ft by 30ft for Thatch runner/rolls/panels
=> Dimension:  9ft (dia), 12-ft(dia); 14-ft(dia), 20-ft(dia)/=> 2.5ft x 30ft
=> Color:  Natural tropical light yellow 

         -natural and careful treatment anti-insects 
        -/ Each THATCHING is WOVEN by multiple strips of palm leaf from Southeastern Asian area( tough, sturdy sure enough) in knots to be sure 100% NO gap on BAMBOO CREASIAN'S THATCHED PRODUCTS : NO WATER LEAKING ON YOUR ROOF OR PALAPAS ASTER CHOOSING OUR THATCHED ROOFS COVERS 7-9YEARS THATCH USING OF LIFE
=> Price: Retail and Wholesale. Please call 714-846-2159 for more info.
=> Using: Outdoor and indoor purposes : Decorate/cover:Awning,Roofs, Patio of roofing, font&back yard BBQ/ Luau Roofs-Covers |  Bamboo Tiki Bar 's roofing, Bamboo Tiki Hut Roofs,Re-thatch, Umbrellas, Poolside roof's covers, Bamboo House, Retail Store Decor, Restaurant Decor, Resort projects,
Thatch's roof-as Awning,roof of Thatching Hut (tiki),Palapas-1-post/2-post/3-post/4-post,L-shape of Thatching-Tropical BBQ Island Luau of building Palapas, Tiki-Bar&Hut's roofing covers,  home decor, tiki bars, and patios. Eco-green , natural REAL TROPICAL THATCHING FROM ASIA -let's create tropics appearance in your spaces.

Each  Thatching product is made:" THAT IS -  PASSION OF WORKERS have SKILL and LOVE WORKING".
 To order online, please visit or Pick up in our showroom at 5061 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Or warehouse in Long Beach. In case You order full container, your order will be shipped directly from our Vietnam factory to your warehouse.

$ Really Highest-quality Thatch/Thatching/cover Panel (Rolls) tiki bars-huts palapa umbrells BBQ/Luau Pool side : $ 999.99 #20ft -dia  - Strictly quality processing for quality thatching products - LONG LASTING LIFE FOR THATCHED ALL COVERS OF ROOF - QUALITY THATCHING AND VALUE PRICES for clearance items(mistake quality products)
Grass Panel : Tiki Hut roof

=>Wholesale of Thatch Roofing-Coverof Palapas, Tiki Huts(Roll,runners-triple thicknessthatching &9-year of thatched use - 2.1/2 x 30-ft panels & 20-ft(dia) Palm's Palapa-Umbrella-BBQ /Luau commercial A(pre-woven thatched by best of palm thatch-for a perfect long-lasting use of thatching in 9-year)

#1Thatch's roofs- a range of thatching of tiki_hut&bar/palapa/umbrella,roofing of thatched cover