As Bamboo - bent - but do not break

On of most lovely reminiscence of my youth - I was used to get school and sit by riverside, where I could enjoy inner peace of mind  and quietness -

 where I could look on the river with drifted current flow quietly and the birds 're singing , the sound of whispering leaves ....

Where I could look on the bamboo trees were bent by blowy windstorm ,were straighten backwards into sky as windless

I think about the elasticity of the bamboo when they bent and straight back into position, the concept of adaptation is on my mind - connect this to the humans, the adaptation means the ability to recover from a shock, melancholy, or any state that has strained all the human emotions.

  Life is the totality of those beautiful moments and dark moments -  of happiness and unhappiness.

The unhappiness come sometimes but it can break you - try to be bent, not to be broken. Please do  attempt-  not to be taken down by your circumstances- " Like the bamboo tree - bend, but not break."