2.12'#Asian/African Thatch roofing-Natural thatch tiles/reed panels-Beach umbrellas/reed palapa thatching/dwellings round house/ huts

Reed Thatch/thatch roofing/reed thatched panels for umbrellas, palapa,beach thatched reed umbrellas/reed palapa thatching with frame made of bamboo/wooden/steel)

Asian thatching is the choice of tropical and rustic look,cool temperate climates in hot summer for your home/garden/landscaping/business...
=2'#African Thatch thatched roofing#1.12'# African thatch reed panels#100% natural cape thatching#reed thatching tiles#Africa thatch reed umbrella kit-thatch-umbrella-kits-African thatch woodenbamboo-gazebos,& bbqluau, canopies, hot tub,spa enclosure
Each  Thatching product is made:" THAT IS -  PASSION OF WORKERS have SKILL and LOVE WORKING".
=> Thatch reed panels: 1.1/2ft x 2.1/2 ft,
=> Beach umbrellas/ palapa thatching : 2.1/3ft.dia, 6ftdia, 7ft dia, 9ft-dia, 10ft-dia
=> Made of :  quality reed, straw, seagrass - using wires either side to compact the reed/straw/seagrass material together.
=> Price: Retail and Wholesale. Please call 714-846-2159 for more info.
A thatched roof and bamboo structure- ensure your palapas/chickees/tiki huts/tea-house/building: be cool in summer and warm in winter.

=> Bamboo umbrella (Beach umbrellas/ palapa thatching : 2.1/3ft.dia, 6ftdia, 7ft dia, 9ft-dia, 10ft-dia#Thatch umbrtella-Bamboo dining set-bamboo Garden bench-Beach lounge chair-bamboo Relax chair-Pergola,& Tent w/ bamboo,quality thatch :palm leaf,reed-bamboo Garden furniture)

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