Bamboo Sticks in Your Backyard

Bamboo Creasian rolled fence, fencing panel - highest quality Fences:  Bamboo Creasian Fence-by quality Bamboo cane at 3years (durability and sturdy)  from Southeastern Asian Area .Heavy weight & Duty. Special Color: Metallic - Bronze - Black, Natural, Carbonized..... for more info

=> Diameter:  ¾”dia/1" dia to 2"dia/
=> Dimension:  4ft x 8ft; 5ft x 8ft; 8ft x 8ft
=> Color:  Natural yellow,Natural, Black , Carbonized, Antique Brown, Stained Mahogany , Tiger spot, Metallic Bronze-Black-Silver-Gold
 => Quality: New
         -/ natural and advance treatment anti-insects and in preventing color fade-out
         -/Heavy duty & Heavy weight: sturdy, beautiful Asian fencing .More elegant and tropical than wood.
        - / Treated against  insects and mould, fungus; reduce crack
        -/ Each bamboo fencing is made fast multiple single bamboo cane at least 3-year-old from Southeastern Asian area( tough, straight and sure enough) with 3-5-line galvanized steel wire to be sure no GAP between canes
        -/ Each bamboo cane is capped on the top against water absorbed to last longer bamboo life.
=> Price: Retail and Wholesale. Please call 714-846-2159 for more info.
=> Using: Outdoor and indoor purposes : Privacy Fences: Patio, yard, Bamboo Tiki Bar & Bamboo Tiki Hut Walls covering, Bamboo House Decorations, Retail Store Decor, Restaurant Decorative tropics appearance, Resort projects , Wall Dividers, Wall Covering.
Natural Bamboo fences -let's create tropics appearance in your spaces.
How to make a quality Bamboo fencing roll?

- Skilled quality control staff: Firstly, choose quality bamboo cane core carefully: must be straight, fine color, treated against insects, mould, cracking….
Bamboo Creasian Fencing products - made from bamboo cane at 3 years to get enough old for sturdy to reduce  absorption  of moisture and water. Capped on top

- For Bamboo Fencing roll 6ft x 8ft, 8ft x 8ft  : Every bamboo cane poles are made fast with 3- 5 lines galvanized steel wire against Gap between poles to make a really quality Bamboo Fence Roll.


Quality Bamboo Poles, Bamboo Fencing, Bamboo Matting, Bamboo Wall Covering, Asian Thatching Roof, Bamboo tiki bar tiki hutGazebo from Bamboo-Thehiddentimelesscharm on Vimeo.