Decorating your Business space with Bamboo Panels

Bamboo panels, Bamboo matting and Bamboo fencing , Bamboo poles have many uses in a commercial interior design. They can be used as offices décor theme, retail stores interior design and restaurants decor.

These material can stand alone or be combined with other items and materials to create an attractive visual display. It can be used indoors or outdoors in a variety of ideas design. fencing has many practical uses in an office decoration. Used as wall divider to set up the panels next to or behind the receptionist area. Bamboo fencing can also be incorporated into the office setting as a partition between office desks and work areas. This creates a more professional atmosphere and lowers distractions.
Bamboo paneling or matting can be hung on the walls in Retail stores decorating for wall and ceiling décor. Products and signs can then be hung up on display, using the paneling as a neutral and sturdy background. This reduces the hazards faced with hammer and nails on regular walls. Using panels also reduces the number of tack or nail holes in the walls.


Bamboo panels can be use for Restaurant interior décor as wall or ceiling decorations. Use panels as a cover over the hostess stand and to create separation of tables for seating in different rooms. Restaurants with an Oriental or tropical motif may find bamboo matting and panels blend in well with the rest of the decor. Use painted or stained panels to separate the cooking areas and wait staff stations from the customer lounge and dining areas. For a dimmer room and a more elegant dining experience, open windows with a less than elegant view can be covered with matting.

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Bamboo Wall Covering & Bamboo Matting